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Clayton’s speaking expertise is in demand by veteran’s organizations, national service clubs, aircraft owner and pilot associations, historical societies, memorials and more.  Sit back and be prepared to enjoy a trip through time as Clayton speaks about:

  • Past and/or future MIA recovery expeditions
  • History of the US military and China National Aviation Corporation (CNAC) air operations on the Hump in the China-Burma-India theater
  • The legendary gold transporting operations of CNAC over the Hump into China*
  • MIA recovery expedition challenges and victories in remote international locations

* The iconic adventure comic strip series Terry and the Pirates (published 1934 – 1973) and Steve Canyon (published 1947 – 1988), written and drawn by the famed Milton Caniff, were modeled after the true-life exploits of CNAC personnel on the Hump and in China during WWII.

Fundraising event

For a tax-deductible funding donation to MIA Recoveries, Inc., Clayton Kuhles will be glad to give a talk to your group or organization.  A talk can generally be of whatever length is requested and typically includes the showing of an expedition video or slideshow.  Ample time is always allocated for Q&A.  Clayton gives presentations nationwide.

Fundraising event

To schedule a speaking engagement with Clayton, please contact him using the form below.

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